Showcasing Your Skills

Before deciding which specific skills in programming, you wish to learn, in addition to your own interest, you may want to find out how much is that skill valued by the market and how easy it is to get a start in that specific industry.

Here are some options:

Internshala - A platform for seeking your first internships and getting some real world experience.

The different virtual internships listed here will provide an idea of the specific Graphic Design skills and their value in the Internship market in India - Please view the other options like App development etc. too.

Monster India - A leading job search website

Reading and researching the jobs listed here will give you an idea of the different programming skills and how the pay scales vary with your experience level and locations across the country. - A leading Indian jobs site

Reading and researching jobs listed here https://w will again allow you to understand which specific skills in programming are valued by the market and by cities/neighbourhoods close to you.

Google Jobs

Google also brings back jobs from multiple sites which you can view and research in a single location. Here is the link for programming jobs in India - Click Here

In all cases remember to change the keywords several times to get a full view of the market.

We hope that you find these links useful.